FLASH GORDON'S FASTER SERVICE – this Designer Mailbox makes customary mailboxes look old. Its aerodynamic form not only makes the postman happy, it most likely would have made the hearts of those pioneers of the air, Count Zeppelin and Lindbergh, beat faster as well.


As with aircraft construction, the basic body of the Designer Mailbox is made of rolled aluminum sheeting. All superstructures have been crafted in polished aluminum, the lid being attached to the body with a high-quality hinge. Simply by lifting the front part by about 230°, the inside space opens to reveal two compartments, one for letters, one for circulars and newspapers. The letter compartment can be locked to keep nimble-fingered thieves out.


The profiles provide the necessary stability for the galvanized base. Individualists will not want to pass up the two additional options: the two side wings in polished aluminum that make Flash Gordon's faster service ready for take-off, and the crest ridge bearing your own name, a surefire guarantee of uniqueness.


FLASH GORDON'S FASTER SERVICE – this design mailbox has even convinced the post office, as it has been officially approved.


Warning Flash Gordon's faster service this Design Mailbox might spark your neighbors' envy.


Dimensions: Body: Diameter 30x 85 cm. Height in total, from the ground: 130 cm.


The Swiss designer Carlo Borer has created this aerodynamic design mailbox

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